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Courses for Postgraduates

Algebraic and Information Systems Dept @IMIT Irkutsk State University (2022/2023)

Course titleTaught by
Math problems of computer visionProf. Denis Sidorov
ML for DSPProf. Denis Sidorov

Industrial Maths Lab @Baikal School of BRICS INRTU (2022/2023)

Course titleTaught by
Mathematical modeling in power and electrical engineeringProf. Aliona Dreglea
Optimization methods in power industryProf. Maksim Staritsyn
Inverse ProblemsProf. Denis Sidorov
CalculusProf. Samad Noeiaghdam
Linear Algebra Prof. Samad Noeiaghdam
Mathematical tasks in electrical engineeringProf. Denis Sidorov
Integral Equations and ApplicationsProf. Denis Sidorov
Game theory Prof. Aliona Dreglea