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Welcome to Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Dynamic Systems Group

Contributing to Future Energy using AI & Advanced Mathematics to make Affordable and Sustainable Energy

About Group

Our team has many years of experience in international (FP6, FP7, etc.), domestic (FTP, RFBR, RSF, etc.) scientific projects, as well as in a number of commercial R&D projects related to the processing and analysis of multidimensional data set. Group leader is Professor, DSc (Physics & Math) Denis N. Sidorov. Machine learning, computer vision and the theory of dynamical systems are closely related to the theory and methods of solving inverse and ill-posed problems, irregular integral and differential equations and constitute the main areas of scientific interests of our research group.

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Latest news

Paper published in Automatica
The article by F. Liu, H. Liu, Y. Li and D. Sidorov “Two relaxed quadratic function negative-determination lemmas: Application to time-delay systems” was published in Automatica
The paper was accepted for publication in Mathematics
The manuscript "Inverse problem for the integral dynamic models with discontinuous kernels" by A.N. Tynda and D.N. Sidorov was accepted for publication in Mathematics Journal. Congrats!
Aleksei Zhukov has successfully defended his PhD thesis
Research fellow of Industrial Maths Lab of Baikal Institute BRICS Aleksei Zhukov has successfully defended his PhD thesis "Methods of classification and regression based on decision trees with application to the problem of assessing the EPS reliability". Congrats! The thesis is publicly available here.