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Our team has many years of experience in international (FP6, FP7, etc.), domestic (FTP, RFBR, RSF, etc.) scientific projects, as well as in a number of commercial R&D projects related to the processing and analysis of multidimensional data set. Group leader is Professor, DSc (Physics & Math) Denis N. Sidorov.

Machine learning, computer vision and the theory of dynamical systems are closely related to the theory and methods of solving inverse and ill-posed problems, irregular integral and differential equations and constitute the main areas of scientific interests of our research group.

We're doing researches in

Machine Learning

Differential and Integral models

Numerical analysis

Inverse problems

Latest news

Invited talk

Prof. Denis Sidorov delivered the invited talk on the conference of world-class international mathematical centers in RF in Sirius University (Section Inverse Problems and Artificial Intelligence)

Paper published

The Paper «Integral Equations: Theories, Approximations, and Applications» (Samad Noeiaghdam, Denis Sidorov) was published in Symmetry (MDPI)! Congrats!

Paper Excellence Award

The Paper «The optimal operation of energy storage systems with distributed generators by using the data-based prediction method» (Kim Beopsoo, Nikita Rusetskii, Konstantin Shusterzon, Denis Sidorov) received excellence award at graduate students' outstanding paper session at KIEE 52nd summer conference

Manuscript accepted

The manuscript A Comparative Study Between Discrete Stochastic Arithmetic and Floating-Point Arithmetic to Validate the Results of Fractional Order Model of Malaria Infection (S. Noeiaghdam,A. Dreglea, H. Isık and M. Suleman) was accepted for publication in the Special Issue «Mathematical Modeling and Its Application in Medicine» in Mathematics journal (MDPI) Congrats!

Manuscript accepted

The manuscript «Valid Implementation of the Fractional Order Model of Energy Supply-Demand System» by Samad Noeiaghdam and Denis Sidorov was accepted for International conference “Mathematical Optimization Theory and Operations Research” (MOTOR-2021, July 5-10, 2021, lake Baikal).

Manuscript accepted

The manuscript Separation of glare and estimation of parameters of stellar images on the calibration screen of atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes TAIGA-IACT (D. Zhurov and D. Sidorov) was accepted for All-Russia South-Ural Youth School on Math Modeling.

Paper accepted

The paper «The optimal operation of energy storage systems with distributed generators by using the data-based prediction method» (by Beopsoo Kim, Nikita Rusetskii, Konstantin Shusterzon et al.) was accepted for The 52nd Summer Conference of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers. Congrats!

We collaborate with

Irkutsk National Research Technical University
Irkutsk State University
Hunan University
Central South University
Inha University
ITMO University
Melentiev Energy Systems Institute
Institute of Information Theory and Automation
University College Cork
Hohai University