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The project was supported by RSF
The project "State-of-the-art methods for non-linear crisp and fuzzy dynamic models: theory and applications" was supported by RSF
Prof. Denis Sidorov is in the top 2% most-cited researchers
Elsevier, jointly with Stanford University recently released list that represents the top 2% of the most-cited scientists in the world in various disciplines. It was created to provide updated analyses and a publicly available database of top scientists. Updated databases are freely available in Mendeley ( more
The invited talk “Control of Community Microgrids with Flexible Multi-energy Sources” was delivered on the 5th IEEE PES Conference on Energy Internet
Prof. Denis Sidorov delivered the invited talk "Control of Community Microgrids with Flexible Multi-energy Sources" (authors: N. Tomin, V. Shakirov, A. Kozlov, V. Kurbatsky, C. Rehtanz and E. E. S. Lora) on The 5th IEEE PES Conference on Energy Internet and Energy System Integration (22-25 Oct. 2021, Taiyuan, China)
Paper accepted for ICEMS 2021!
The paper «A Study On The Effect of Energy Storage System Optimal Operation With Distributed Generators On System Reliability» was accepted for the International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems ( ICEMS 2021, Korea).
Paper accepted for IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence
The paper by Q. Tao, L. Fang, D. Yang, and D. Sidorov «Bidirectional Gated Recurrent Unit-Based Lower Upper Bound Estimation Method for Wind Power Interval Prediction» was accepted for publication by IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence. Congrats!
Paper accepted!
The paper by Noeiaghdam S. and Sidorov D. Valid Implementation of the Fractional Order Model of Energy Supply-Demand System published in Mathematical Optimisation Theory and Operations Research: Recent Trends. MOTOR 2021. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1476. Springer, Cham. Congr...Read more
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